Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hiring Discussions Behind Closed Doors

Ever wonder about what hiring committees talk about behind closed doors?  There are a few interesting thoughts that come to mind when one is for the first time in the position to evaluate and hire personnel.  We live in a highly competitive era.  It is not unusual to have 30 or more applicants for one position that meet qualifications.  Below is a checklist, which includes some points I have not seen on any other site:

1. First and foremost, try to have your application materials completely submitted as soon as possible.  The earliest complete applications get the most attention.  The interviewer does get burned out when reading lots of applications.
2. Know the organization that you are applying to.  At a minimum, name the organization in your cover letter.  Say why you would be a good fit for this particular organization.
3. Put some thought into your application package.  It must be easy to read and well organized.
4. You must convince the organization that this is the place you want to be.  Everyone else is 2nd choice!  This is particularly an issue if you are overqualified.
5. Be sure to ask people that will say good things about you to write you letters of recommendation.
6. Somehow you must convince the hiring committee that you are easy to work with and helpful to others.  That usually comes out in letters of recommendation.  Start being nice with your co-workers now.
7. Convince the interviewer that you are what the organization needed all along.

I hope this helps :-)

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