Monday, February 22, 2010

Biophysics Calls for Quantum Dots

Spending time at the 54th Meeting of the Biophysics Society in San Francisco.   It appears that quantum dots are infiltrating all walks of life.  Literally!  The little nano-sized semiconductors act as dimensional oscillators allowing for absorption of a broad range of frequencies and emit relatively narrow band of electromagnetic radiation.  Most interestingly proteins can be attached to quantum dots, which serve as a communicator and fluorescence enhancer.  Under investigation are uses of quantum dots with microbial materials and even single molecules.  The effect of quantum dots on living organisms is unclear since nano particles do appear in nature infrequently.  These are particles that can easily be absorbed through skin.  Thankfully, scientists of this millennium are remembering some of the painfullessons history has to offer.  It is clear that the research presented at the biophysical conference is as ingenious as it is cautious and thoughtful.

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