Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get More Education... tells about what the education push has doe to people's lives and the deceit.  Universities are blindly recruiting and making promises that can't be kept. With students blindly taking on educational loans and  paying college coaches fees that take a life time to pay off.

Well, yes... it is insane that we are constantly pushing for more education when the job market in academia is essentially no-existent. My (semi bad) plumber makes about triple what I make with a Ph.D. in physics. It seems that skilled workers are only available through a secret underground pipeline. Why is there vocational training in the US essentially no-existent? This would actually create jobs. The myth of academia continues while tuition is at a record high and salaries... are not talked about since they are too depressing. I say, "Obama, please dump some money into vocational education like the 'Boces' programs."

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